Classes/Points System/Rules

Riders under 18 must have a parent present
at registration or a Notarized Release Form
signed by one of the parents and notarized 
by a licensed notary.

2024 MX CLASSES Dade City Motocross

Pee Wee 4-6 Stock Beginner
Pee Wee 4-6 Stock

50cc 4-6 (no senior size bikes)
50cc 7-8 Beginner
50cc 7-8
50cc Open (4-8)

E-Bikes (4-8)

65cc 5-9 Beginner
65cc 5-9
65cc 10-11 Beginner
65cc 10-11
65cc Open (5-11)

85cc 7-11 Beginner (No Big Wheels Allowed)
85cc 7-11 B (No Big Wheels Allowed)
85cc 7-11 A (No Big Wheels Allowed)

85cc 12-15 Beginner (No Big Wheels Allowed)
85cc 12-15 B (No Big Wheels Allowed)
85cc 12-15 A (No Big Wheels Allowed)

85cc Open (No Big Wheels Allowed)

Super Mini (112cc 2/Stroke 150cc 4/Stroke)

125cc 2/Stroke (Super Mini Allowed)
125cc 2/Stroke Beginner (Super Mini Allowed)

250cc Beginner
250cc C (125cc 2/Stroke Allowed)
250cc B (125cc 2/Stroke Allowed)
250cc A (125cc 2/Stroke Allowed)

Open Beginner (No Minis)
Open C
Open B
Open A

4/Stroke Open (No Minis)

250cc Money Class (A-B-C ) (250cc 2/Stroke – 250cc 4/Stroke)
Open Money Class  (A-B-C)

Schoolboy (Super Mini, 125/ 250F) (No 250cc 2/Stroke or 450’s)

16-24  125 – 250 – 450
Plus 25
Plus 30
Plus 35
Plus 40
Plus 45
Plus 50
Plus 60
Vet Novice Plus 35 ( No Jump)

Jr. Girls (65cc – 85cc – 150cc 4/Stroke) ( 7-15 years of age)

Women (0 -250cc)

Quads 450 Open



  2024 MX Points Championship Series – 21 races – DROP 4 RACES

* Points Championship Awards Banquet (Saturday, December 14th, 2024)
* 21 Points Paying Events in the 2024 season.
* The last two races of the series pay double points.
* Only 17 races count for the 2024 championship – Drop 4 Races
* Riders receive points only on Points Championship Events (see schedule).
* All riders receive 20 points for entering the race.
* Points are given for the riders overall finishing position (NOT PER MOTO).
* Riders may sign up and receive 20 points even if they can’t race for any reason.
* Riders may pay for missed races up to event # 10 to receive their sign up points.
* After event #10, riders must sign up the night of the event if they need points only (20 POINTS).
* Only when the second motos are cancelled can a rider get a DNF and get last place points.
* A Points Championship Class may be dropped from the series after the 10th race of the series if the rider count is too low.
* All beginner classes will receive half points after round 8

Points Available Per Race:

Sign Up 20 Points plus:
1st Place 80 Points
2nd Place 70 Points
3rd Place 60 Points
4th Place 50 Points
5th Place 40 Points
6th Place 30 Points
7th Place 20 Points
8th Place 10 Points


2nd Place = 70 Points
Sign Up Points = 20 Points
Total Points = 90 Points

Can’t make it to the event,
sign up and receive 20 points.


*Pit riding is walking speed only to and from the track.

*Adults only driving pit vehicles (golf carts, mules, 4/wheelers).

*Classes may be dropped from the Points Championship Series after the 10th race if entries are too low.

*Rider’s racing age is his age on January 1st 2024 for the 2024 season.

*Big wheel mini bikes are allowed in the Jr. girls / Super Mini.

*150cc 4 strokes are allowed in all mini bike classes.

*In the event the DCMX Rule book does not define a clear answer on a given issue, the AMA rule book will be used.

*For racers pre-entered for the year, their racing number is reserved.

*All pre-enties are non-refundable or transferable.

*DNF – 5 extra points will be added to the riders moto finishing position.
Rider must finish half the laps and finish under power or will be scored a DNF ( 5 Laps must complete 3 ).